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Why I hate U-Haul

I do hate U-Haul. With a burning passion. That fleet of orange trucks threatened to derail my perfectly planned move to grad school this weekend. The plan was to pick up the truck Friday morning, pack it Friday evening and … Continue reading

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Mommy’s got a gun

“I want a gun.” All summer every conversation with my mother has included that phrase. No, she’s not homicidal, angry at my father or suddenly interested in skeet shooting. My mother wants to shoot the deer in her backyard. I … Continue reading

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Econ for MBAs: Good news, bad news

When I tell my working friends that I’m going back to school, the inevitable question they ask is: How much? How much debt am I going to accrue before getting this fancy pants degree? And will it be worth it? … Continue reading

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Loga- what?

When was the last time you used a logarithm? Yeah, me neither. I hadn’t seen them since I gratefully left calculus behind in the eleventh grade. I knew that log 12 meant something but I had no idea what. Nor … Continue reading

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The road to Plan MBA

Here was Plan A: Go to journalism school, work my way up through the ranks, learn my craft and eventually score a job writing for the New York Times. Or the Washington Post. Or one of the well-crafted news and analysis … Continue reading

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