Reality bites

It’s official. I’m here. I’ve moved into my grad school apartment right next to my grad school nestled in the perfect college town. It’s real. It’s really, really real.

Oh my God, it’s real.

That’s pretty much the freak out I had the first day in my apartment. After practicing, planning, testing, applying and interviewing for the last year and a half, I was standing in my too-small apartment that was partway underground and smelled faintly of kitty litter.

Leaving my pretty pink Florida house

Leaving my pretty pink Florida house

I had traded a lovely life, a lovely group of friends and a lovely house in Florida (with a closet the size of my new bedroom) for this?

I took deep breaths and remembered why I came here. Job prospects in journalism were bad. I never planned to make Florida my home forever and ever amen. Getting an MBA could not hurt me, only help me. Breathe, breathe.

I have rebounded nicely since then. I tried a running route and added a half mile to my run, despite the massive hills. I hung a shelf, bought a new TV, changed my own burned out brake light and got my apartment in order. I have a long to-do list to keep me busy. I’m saying hi to the people in my apartment complex and I’m sure that any day now one of them will say hi back without averting their eyes.

The obligatory trip to Lowes.

The obligatory trip to Lowes.

It’s all going to be OK. It’s real and it’s OK.

Expect a similar freak out when classes start.

Side note: A few funny moments from the move:

– Watching my brother unpack my clothes and be utterly confused by some of them. “What is this?” he asked, genuinely befuddled by the silver halter top. “Why do you have so many huge change purses?” he asked, pointing to my clutch collection.

– My father, after hanging hooks for my extensive collection of bags, discovered more purses in another box. “Stephanie!” he gasped, with equal parts surprise, disappointment and anguish. You’d think he’d discovered a stash of vodka after I’d told him I was sober.

Tired family. Dad took the photo.

Tired family. Dad took the photo.

– My mother carefully placing each word of my Magnetic Poetry set on the refrigerator. She didn’t realize until she was finished that she had subconsciously lined up the words by letter length – one row for one-letter words, another row for two-letter words, another for three-letter words and so on.


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What happens when a language-loving, mathphobic liberal arts major goes jumps on the MBA train. Follow my adventures at a top 20 business school.
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4 Responses to Reality bites

  1. Nancy says:

    Steph, I’ve bookmarked your blog and look forward to more updates. I literally LOL’d about your dad’s discovery of additional purses. Good stuff! Look forward to seeing you sometime in the fall to catch up.

  2. missmba says:

    Thanks Nancy! A bookmark is a high compliment. I can’t wait to see you.

  3. meghan says:

    just wait til you move into your first penthouse for your first job as a big-deal executive! it will all be worth it.

    on textbooks: you should try (pay the difference between buying and reselling without the hassle of reselling)
    -look for the cheap international editions not technically allowed for sale on US soil
    -my favorite (and legal) option:, where you can only the chapters you need for about 5 or 6 bucks each (and you can’t damage or lose an e-chapter)
    good luck!

  4. missmba says:

    Thanks Meghan! I just got my financial accounting book from BookRenter. And -shock- Amazon had the cheapest prices for my other books: $12 and $20!

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