Grad school = teeming petri dish

 I am sick. Again. For the third time in the roughly two months I’ve been at b-school.

I’m not talking about some wimpy cold or sniffle.  I don’t consider myself sick unless I have a fever, chills and can’t get out of bed. So three bouts in the last two months is reeediculous.

Doesn't that look lovely?

Doesn't that look lovely?

I never get sick this often. The only thing I can blame is b-school. And since almost everyone around me is fighting off some kind of viral nastiness, I thought I should list the top 5 reasons grad school is a teeming petri dish:

5. We spend 12 to 15 hours a day with each other: From class to Learning Teams to informal study groups, I can’t get away from my fellow b-school students. All that proximity means more opportunities to infect each other.

4. We don’t get enough sleep: See above. Thanks to cases, internship searches, recruiting and general insanity no one I know at b-school is getting more than six hours a night – and that’s considered decadent. Hello, weakened immune system.

3. We don’t eat well: Company briefings and club meetings ply us with pizza, Chick-Fil-A and ice cream. Case prep leaves us little to no time to cook something that doesn’t come straight from a box. Say goodbye to immune-system-boosting nutrients.

2. There’s way too much communal drink sharing: Played flip cup lately? We should call it Swine Flu Cup. Sharing red cups and shot glasses at parties makes it even easier to share germs. Yummy.

1. Oh, yes, and the drinking: My granddad used to swear that a stiff shot of whiskey cured most everything that ails you. But I think all the drinking we do on the weekends might have the teeny tiniest impact on our resistance.

Oh, and doesn’t stress wreck your immune system too? Shoot, that’s six reasons, not five. Oh, well. I’m too feverish/achy/exhausted to care…


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One Response to Grad school = teeming petri dish

  1. Uncle Ken says:

    Okay…Grandpap was a proponent of a stiff shot of whiskey for “…what ails ya”. But I think too he would’ve said with a sly grin and a chuckle, “You can’t stop at one! You need to keep drinkin’ er down ’til you feel better.”

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