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Report: Taste of China loses Chef Peter Chang

Just read this on The Hook‘s Web site. Apparently Peter Chang, the famous chef who made Taste of China so unexpectedly delicious (see previous post) has left. According to the Hook story, the crowds, drawn by lots of media stories, overwhelmed the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Barf-elona, er, Barcelona

I planned my Spring Break waaaay back in October. That was when I signed up for a Global Business Experience, a one-week Darden course abroad. Destination: Barcelona. I thought my plan was perfect. While my classmates were on GBEs in … Continue reading

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Dining out: Taste of China (we just barely got one)

If you live in Charlottesville and you care about food at all, chances are you heard about Taste of China this week. Thanks to this New Yorker story by Calvin Trillin, the hole-in-the-wall, hidden-in-a-strip-mall-on-29 Chinese restaurant is the hottest spot … Continue reading

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Going home, again

Every good UNC grad knows that Thomas Wolfe (UNC 1920) said that you can’t go home again. Lucky for me, he was wrong in this case. This weekend I returned to my adopted home for the first time since coming … Continue reading

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