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Last day of classes: Are you a turkey or an eagle?

My first year of business school classes ended today. It felt a bit anticlimactic because I still have exams, papers and projects hanging over my head. Many of us first-years were talking about how fast the year had gone, but … Continue reading

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Foxfield, tulips and spring in Charlottesville

If you’re one of my 2.5 faithful readers, then you’ve noticed that I geek out over seasons. Five years of living in the mono-environment that is South Florida have made me freak out at the sight of fall leaves, snow … Continue reading

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Spirit of Darden

It’s that time of year when the second-year students are confronted with leaving Darden and prospective students are trying to decide to whether to come to Darden. This video speaks to both those groups. Second-year student David Shepro made it … Continue reading

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Why there are so many crutches and braces at Darden

Here’s something they don’t put in the Darden brochure:  Beware of injury.  Since the beginning of the school year, the men in my class have been suffering so many sports injuries that crutches, leg braces and foot boots are starting … Continue reading

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The emancipation of the lab rats

About a week into the fourth quarter of my b-school experience, it dawned on me. Darden had taken me off the wheel. For the first three quarters of the year, I was running like a lab rat on a wheel. … Continue reading

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