Spirit of Darden

It’s that time of year when the second-year students are confronted with leaving Darden and prospective students are trying to decide to whether to come to Darden.

This video speaks to both those groups.

Second-year student David Shepro made it for the annual Darden Follies that happened Friday night. Most of the follies videos are raucously funny or sly like SNL Digital Shorts. But Shepro’s video of him dancing with almost every Darden professor and staff member is a loving and whimsical tribute to the spirit of Darden. It’s a place that makes us crazy and pushes us to our limits. But it’s also the kind of place where tenured professors will boogie with a student on camera — and not find the request all that odd.

And that, I think, speaks to the Darden I’ve grown to love. It’s a warm, compassionate place if you take the time to look.  Which is why some of the second-years will find it hard to leave. And why, for some of the prospective students, this is the right place to spend two years.

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