Foxfield, tulips and spring in Charlottesville

If you’re one of my 2.5 faithful readers, then you’ve noticed that I geek out over seasons. Five years of living in the mono-environment that is South Florida have made me freak out at the sight of fall leaves, snow and now spring flowers.

And I think Charlottesville might just be its most beautiful in the spring.

For your examination, here are a few exhibits of Charlottesville’s springtime splendor.

At a tulip farm about 40 minutes outside of town:


The tulip farm had daffodils too:

A wheel barrow full of puppies at the Downtown Mall:

Peeking inside one of the gardens on main grounds:

And, of course, Foxfield, the annual horse races that give all of Charlottesville an excuse to wear spring dresses and frou-frou hats and tailgate all day long.

You’ll notice some wellies in the photos. The weatherman was calling for rain, but not even that could stop Foxfield and the forecast turned out to be wrong. As one passionate Foxfield lover told me, “God loves Foxfield.”:

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2 Responses to Foxfield, tulips and spring in Charlottesville

  1. Tim Foley says:

    You actually have 3.5 readers.

    My favorite season is Fall.

  2. missmba says:

    Thanks Tim!

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