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Action! Ready for my close up

No one told me one of the benefits of a b-school internship was an acting gig. But after less than two weeks on the job (if you didn’t already know where I was working, I bet you can guess now) … Continue reading

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Cross-country road trip adventure

I needed to get myself and my car from Charlottesville, Va., to Minneapolis, Minn., in time to start my summer internship this week. Somehow I conned my boyfriend into taking the 20-hour drive halfway across the country with me. I’d … Continue reading

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Feeling like a fraud — and I’m not the only one

I am a fraud. That’s been my internal monologue for the last few weeks as I gear up for my summer internship. I’m excited and also nervous about the summer and that manifests itself as a little voice in the … Continue reading

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Perils of the summer internship housing hunt

Darden people are scattering this summer to every corner of the globe for summer internships in places like Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paolo and China. And that means we all have to find housing. Some companies (like mine) find … Continue reading

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