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Ladies, look out for each other. Please.

Almost every day, I pass by a dead girl. Morgan Harrington’s smiling face stares right at me whenever I drive, walk or run by it. Her memorial, on a bridge less than a quarter mile from my house, is a … Continue reading

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Darden moves into ‘The Economist’s’ top 10 b-schools

OK, I know I just said that the gold stars shouldn’t guide your goals. Which I still stand by. But it’s really nice when your goals and the gold stars line up. Such is the case with Darden this week. … Continue reading

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What happens when you don’t win the gold star?

It’s award time. At business school, it’s the Oscars, Emmys and Tonys all rolled together: scholarships, student awards and job offers are all hitting the table now for second-year MBAs. It’s an awesome time to celebrate all the good things … Continue reading

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Peter Chang: Back in Charlottesville?

This just in from The Hook: Peter Chang, renowned Szechuan chef, might be opening a new Chinese restaurant in Charlottesville this winter. Check out all the details on The Hook’s Web site. Who is Peter Chang, you ask? Find out … Continue reading

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Gaga hearts UVA

One of the best things about second year is free evenings. I loved my learning team, but it’s wonderful to be able to do stuff besides spreadsheets at night. Like see Lady Gaga in concert at JPJ! Gaga put on … Continue reading

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100-mile eating at Brookville in Charlottesville

I don’t write about food very often on this blog. With the exception of Peter Chang’s restaurant, I leave the Charlottesville food blogging to Forks in the Road, who does an expert job of it. But I had to write … Continue reading

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The Myth of Second Year

I don’t have time to write this. As I write this, there are in fact at least 10 other things I should be doing instead. I know that because they scroll through my mind on a continuous loop, stressing me … Continue reading

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