100-mile eating at Brookville in Charlottesville

I don’t write about food very often on this blog. With the exception of Peter Chang’s restaurant, I leave the Charlottesville food blogging to Forks in the Road, who does an expert job of it.

But I had to write about Brookville, a new restaurant on the Downtown Mall.

Watermelon feta salad

First, full disclosure: The restaurant is owned by Harrison Keevil, a close friend of my boyfriend. That fact got me in the door. But the fact that Harrison is an amazing chef with a fantastic menu of local foods demanded that I spread the word.

Brookville’s premise is relatively simple: Harrison will only cook food grown or raised within 100 miles (an idea I especially love after reading Omnivore’s Dilemma this summer).

As a result, the menu changes almost daily and the food is amazingly fresh. Harrion’s deft hand means it’s also delicious. My first time there I had the watermelon feta salad with the hanger steak. On the second trip, I got a tomato salad, a chicken leg topped with a fried egg and bacon waffles topped with warm, fresh peaches.

All of it was devine.

The even-better news for broke grad students like me? The food is completely affordable. All the appetizers are under $7 and all the entrees under $20. And the wine list is super reasonable as well.

Good food, reasonable prices and supporting local farmers — what more co

Hanger steak

uld you ask for?

Restaurant name: Brookville

Location: 225 W. Main St (on the Downtown Mall, across from the movie theater and above Escafe)

Phone: 434-202-2791

Hours: Open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Saturday

Other reviews: Mas to Millers blog, The Hook’s Food Finder, The Hook’s review 

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