Gaga hearts UVA

One of the best things about second year is free evenings. I loved my learning team, but it’s wonderful to be able to do stuff besides spreadsheets at night.

Like see Lady Gaga in concert at JPJ!

Gaga put on an amazing show — 12 costume changes in two hours, four different sets, a slew of sexy back up dancers and even a couple ballads with Gaga playing the piano. Turns out she has an amazing, belt-it-out voice.

But most of all it was one big love fest. UVA loved Gaga and Gaga loved UVA. A fan offered her a UVA t-shirt he’d spangled with sequins and she promptly slipped it on and tied it to expose her mid drift. During one of her ballads, she told the crowd that she used to date an architecture student at UVA when she was 16, but “I lied about my age, so it didn’t last. It’s kind of ironic I’m here.”

And most of all, she seemed to love to say Virginia. In her Gaga accent it sounded more like Vahh-ginn-YA.

Several times during the night, she looked out at the crowd of boys in eye makeup and high heels, and girls wearing dresses made of caution tape with soda cans wrapped in their hair and said, “You’re sexy, Vahh-ginn-YA.”

Yeah, we are. And you’re pretty awesome too.

Lady Gaga in Charlottesville (photo courtesy of Tiffany Gutshall)


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