The Princeton Review agrees — Darden professors rock!

Congrats to Darden’s professors, who got recognized this week as the best in the nation this week by The Princeton Review!

I won’t pretend to be surprised. I know we have some of the best faculty in the world. They love being in the classroom and they care deeply about their students. They value that teaching experience so much that, as a professor told me last year, one of the ways Darden used to “punish” professors who were underperforming was to remove them from teaching first year classes.

But that’s not the only good news out of The Princeton Review‘s rankings. Each year the publication releases its rankings for the “Best Business Schools.” Unlike other rankings, which offer one school as the overall top choice, The Princeton Review ranks schools in different categories.

And Darden scored in a few great ones

Best Professors: #1 (up from #2 last year): Enough said.
Best Facilities: #2 (up from #4 last year): Have you seen this place? Green lawns, white columns, brick buildings, sunlight pouring in tall windows? I challenge you to show me a more gorgeous business school.

Best Campus Environment: #5: I didn’t come to Darden expecting to love the culture. As a “poet” (the lingo for someone with no business or quant background) I expected to feel out of place. But the culture of Darden is inclusive, curious and collaborative. Try NOT to fit in there.

Best Career Prospects: #6 (up from #8 last year): I’m constantly amazed by our alums and how accessible they are. During recruiting last year, I emailed people who only knew me through the Darden connection — and they wrote back! And offered to help with my internship search! And spent time telling me about their career paths! It was remarkable to me that they still felt that strong tie to the school after all these years.

Combine that with the fact our alumni are working for some pretty awesome companies and it’s no wonder we placed in the top 10 for career prospects.

Best Classroom Experience: #6: This really goes hand-in-hand with the awesome professors. Combine that with the case study method and you have the most engaging, fast-paced classroom environment I’ve ever experienced.

It’s great to see Darden be recognized for what it’s doing well. Add this to the awesome recognition we got from The Economist last month, and Darden is having a pretty good rankings year!

Check out the rest of The Princeton Review’s rankings here.


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