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S*#! my dad says: Thanksgiving edition

I’m home for Thanksgiving break, where the source of amusement is usually my punchy and inappropriate mother. She and my brother often feed off each other, sending one another into fits of giggles with increasingly ridiculous mental images. I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Cville Photo Wednesday: It’s fall. Kind of

The calendar says it’s late fall, almost winter in fact. But the temperatures in Charlottesville lately tell a different story. With highs of 70 degrees last week, you might think it’s September — if not for the red, yellow and orange … Continue reading

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Darden’s Brand Challenge

On Friday night, an event took place that’s very close to my heart: the Darden Brand Challenge. Close to my heart because, well, I helped plan it! And by all accounts, it was a great night. The basic idea: It’s … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the wiser: Visits from alums

One of the niftiest things about b-school is all the cool speakers who come to campus, and the last two weeks have been an embarrassment of riches in that regard. We’ve heard from leaders of Under Armour, Coca-Cola, Amgen, Medtronic, … Continue reading

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Woman with MBA wonders what happens to women with MBAs…

Part of the joy of coming to Darden was the possibility it unleashed. The last two years of my newspaper career were a death spiral of layoffs, reduced quality and hopelessness. Being in an environment where anything seemed possible was … Continue reading

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Buy brands, fight communism

I worry sometimes that pursuing a career in brand management isn’t particularly noble or good for society. I’m especially reminded of that fact when I talk with my boyfriend, who’s pursuing jobs with companies that make innovative life-saving drugs and … Continue reading

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Cville Photo Wednesday: Halloween on the UVA Lawn

Charlottesville loves Halloween, and one of the best events is trick o’treating on the Lawn. This central part of UVA’s Grounds is rimmed by student dorm rooms that don’t look all that different from when Thomas Jefferson first built the … Continue reading

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The power of ‘Slutty Halloween’

Apparently I’ve struck a chord. In the last 7 days, the search term that brought the most readers to my blog was “slutty Halloween.” The second most powerful term: “slutty Halloween girls.” The third: “slutty Halloween porn.” The fourth: “slutty … Continue reading

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