Darden’s Brand Challenge

On Friday night, an event took place that’s very close to my heart: the Darden Brand Challenge.

Close to my heart because, well, I helped plan it! And by all accounts, it was a great night.

The basic idea: It’s a marketing carnival in which First Year students form teams, set up creative booths and write surveys to do market research for companies they’re interested in. And Darden students come and participate because it’s fun!

I love Brand Challenge because it’s one of those events that gives everyone something. It allows Darden students interested in marketing to practice market research and to network with companies like General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Dell, Ford and Heinz, all firms that offer prime marketing internships.

It gives the companies a chance to get to know Darden students and get a little free market research.

And, finally, it gives the rest of Darden a chance to try out some cool products and have a good time.

But Brand Challenge comes across even better in pictures. So here are a few, by fellow Darden student Jibb Kungwansurah.

The doctors at the Listerine booth.

Wild Blue blueberry beer (with blue corn chips!)

The turkey team!

Ernest Hemingway impersonator at the Hemingway Shoes booth.

Even the littlest participants love the Brand Challenge.

J&J's Baby Lotion team

The event wouldn't be complete without the Pillsbury Doughboy.

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