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So much for Bahrain…

Background: I signed up for a b-school spring break class in Cairo. Canceled, for obvious reasons. I switched to a b-school spring break class in Bahrain. Canceled, for obvious reasons. Exhibit A: Letter from a concerned friend Hello Guys- Would … Continue reading

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The value of an MBA

There are a lot of measures of the value of an MBA and some people have been questioning if it‘s worth its salt recently. But the dollar value of my MBA hit home when I filed my taxes this week. I … Continue reading

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Peter Chang is back in Charlottesvillle!

That’s right, the man behind Taste of China is opening his new restaurant in Charlottesville on March 1. And best of all, for all you Darden folks, the new location is close by — the Barracks Road’s north wing (the … Continue reading

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S&M in the workplace?

I ventured over to UVA’s undergraduate business school this week to hear Nina DiSesa speak, and since I don’t go to main grounds very often, you can bet it was for a good reason. DiSesa is a ad industry badass. … Continue reading

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This is looking a lot like Egypt…

I know that I took some risk scheduling another Spring Break class in the Middle East after my trip to Cairo was canceled. I know, I know. And I know that calls for democracy can spring up even in relatively … Continue reading

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The management decision I hope I never have to make

“I think this may get emotional,” my professor said at the start of class. Not what you’d expect to hear before a business school class, especially one like ours, which is built around bringing back alumni as guest speakers. They … Continue reading

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You make me feel like dancing…

The Darden faculty and staff have always had a thing for dancing, as evidenced by the Darden Dancing video released last year. But when Darden SY Trisha Bailey came up with the idea of having a Dancing with the Darden … Continue reading

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So much for Cairo

My plan: Spend spring break taking a business school class in Cairo, with a side trip to the pyramids. As you can imagine, I’m fishing around for a Plan B right now. (If you’ve been on an Outward Bound trip … Continue reading

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