You make me feel like dancing…

The Darden faculty and staff have always had a thing for dancing, as evidenced by the Darden Dancing video released last year.

But when Darden SY Trisha Bailey came up with the idea of having a Dancing with the Darden Stars competition to raise money for Charlottesville’s Shelter for Help in Emergency, some of those dancing faculty members got cold feet.

Boogie down for a follies skit? Sure. Learn to foxtrot, salsa or swing so you can perform in front of the entire school with one of your students? That’s a lot scarier.

But six professors and staff members mustered up the courage and performed on Saturday night with six students who’d been voted into their spots (see below for photos from the event, courtesy of Darden Media and SY student Jibb Kungwansurah).

The spectacle — professors and staffers in makeup, wigs and costumes, putting themselves out there to promanade, spin and dip their way across the floor — showed me, once again, that Darden people are special. They love this place, love their students and love their community and so, they engage in it. As a result, they helped us raise $18,000 for SHE.

That kind of spirit makes me feel like dancing.

Strategy prof Greg Fairchild and SY Liz Brower dance the salsa.

CDC staffer Carrie Armstrong and SY Dave Smith dance the swing.

Finance prof Marc Lipson and SY Stephanie Horvath dance the foxtrot.

Ethics prof Bobby Parmar and SY Natalie Schafer dance the salsa.

Decision Analysis prof Yael Grushka-Cockayne and SY Nash Dykes dance the swing.

Accounting prof Mary Margaret Frank and SY Matt Epstein dance the foxtrot.

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