Veiny feet and other surprising things that I’m grateful for now that I’m pregnant

Pregnant (and grateful) in Avignon.

Pregnant (and grateful) in Avignon.


Gratitude is trending on Facebook. Several of my friends have posted daily lists of things they’re grateful for and challenged others to do the same. The idea is that focusing on the good things in your life will make you happier as well as more appreciative.

Since I’ve gotten pregnant, I have a whole new list of things to be grateful for, most of which I never gave a second thought before. Here is my pregnancy gratitude list.

I am grateful for:

The days when I can see all the veins and bones in my feet, because it means my feet aren’t swollen into fat, tight piggies.

The nights when I lay down in bed and do not get heartburn.

My baby girl turning somersaults and making my stomach dance. It means she’s in there and she’s doing OK.

My belly button being an innie – even though it’s a very angry-looking, pinched innie that will likely pop any day now.

Anyone who tells me I look good. Most days I look in the mirror and I see a beach ball, so it’s nice to hear otherwise.

A schedule that allows me to take an afternoon nap when I need it. Not every pregnant woman is so lucky.

Having an appetite. I’m glad my whole pregnancy hasn’t been one long bout of nausea. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to sample all that delicious gelato in Italy.

My Swiss OBGYN who speaks fluent English. Yes, having a baby in a foreign country sets the gratitude bar that much lower.

My husband getting excited every time he feels the baby move or sees her on the ultrasound monitor. His excitement is contagious!

My mom friends who tell me it’s OK to feel scared, overwhelmed and uncertain. I thought I was joining a judgmental club – the mommy wars, anyone? – but they’ve proven me wrong.

My mom, mother-in-law and dear friends outfitting me with beautiful maternity clothes. H&M is one of the few stores in Switzerland that sells them for less than the cost of your first born and most of their maternity clothes are cut for teen moms, not 30-year-old moms. Micro maternity shorts, anyone?

Being able to travel during so much of my pregnancy. A lot could have gone wrong and kept me confined to our apartment. Instead, I’ve been lucky enough to visit 10 different countries and have hundreds of wonderful experiences. Some day we’ll tell our daughter about all the traveling she did before she left the womb.

Swiss doctors being generous with the ultrasounds.  You get one every time you visit them. I didn’t realize this was unique until talking with my friends in the States who only get a few ultrasounds during their pregnancies. I get excited every time I see our baby.

Everyone who’s chivalrous, both men and women. These are the kind folks who offer to carry my bag or give me their seat on the train or do a dozen other little kindnesses. I’d never ask for this help and sometimes don’t think I need it until I hand over the heavy bag or sit down on the offered seat and realize, yeah, I actually did need that.

My husband, unprompted, reading all of What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and then saying “What you’re going through is so hard. I need to do everything I can to support you.”




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2 Responses to Veiny feet and other surprising things that I’m grateful for now that I’m pregnant

  1. Sara Rochelle Garrison says:

    I am truly enjoying your blog posts, and I’m living vicariously through you and your adventures around the world. It sounds like you are living up your pregnancy and not approaching it in the “my world is about to end” that I hear so many of us women complaining about. What an opportunity you and Nick have to do so much when so many would have stayed home complaining. I admire your spunk and I’m so jealous of your trips! Enjoy it, live it up, and enjoy this last bit of pregnancy. Even with all the negatives that come with being pregnant, the prize at the end totally makes up for it. Congratulations sweetie!- Sara

    • missmba says:

      Thanks Sara! I’ve been trying to get the most out of the time, though there are moments of pure terror! I’ve definitely thought more than once about how our lives are going to change forever. But everyone reassures me it’s worth it and I’ll “get it” after she arrived. Fingers crossed!

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