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The job may rock. The job may suck.

In the last month I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with many of the people I adore.  That happens when you attend your b-school reunion. And when you get married. We’ll get to the wedding part later. First, the … Continue reading

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Advice for MBA students who hate networking

And for any b-school student who’s wondering, yes, recruiting is WAY easier from this side. I hated networking events as a student. The whole mating ritual felt so fake. I ask questions and make nice and the recruiters answer questions … Continue reading

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Welcome back to the real world!

I am six weeks back into the working world, and to my surprise, little has changed since I left. The job and city are new, but the emotions and experiences are very similar to how I felt at every new job. … Continue reading

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An MBA’s Prayer for Her Future Self

I’ve had a lot of guest speakers in class this quarter, most of them alums ranging from five to 45 years out of Darden. Most of the time, they inspire awe and I leave the class thinking, “I hope I … Continue reading

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Why can’t MBAs write?

The Wall Street Journal asked that question this week (a big thank you to MBA Cookie for passing the story to me). The WSJ story (read it here) suggests that while MBAs are great at math and analytics, they aren’t … Continue reading

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The value of an MBA

There are a lot of measures of the value of an MBA and some people have been questioning if it‘s worth its salt recently. But the dollar value of my MBA hit home when I filed my taxes this week. I … Continue reading

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S&M in the workplace?

I ventured over to UVA’s undergraduate business school this week to hear Nina DiSesa speak, and since I don’t go to main grounds very often, you can bet it was for a good reason. DiSesa is a ad industry badass. … Continue reading

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The management decision I hope I never have to make

“I think this may get emotional,” my professor said at the start of class. Not what you’d expect to hear before a business school class, especially one like ours, which is built around bringing back alumni as guest speakers. They … Continue reading

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What a difference a year makes

Life at Darden right now is smooth. We’ve just come off more than a month of break. Classes haven’t ramped up yet and our stress over them is minimal anyway, because, hey, it’s our last semester here. And many of … Continue reading

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Second Year vs. First Year

 First year of business school is trial by fire. It is hard work and endurance. It is learning something new and potentially mind-blowing every day. It is drinking from a fire hydrant of information and figuring how much to take … Continue reading

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