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So much for Cairo

My plan: Spend spring break taking a business school class in Cairo, with a side trip to the pyramids. As you can imagine, I’m fishing around for a Plan B right now. (If you’ve been on an Outward Bound trip … Continue reading

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There’s no business like show business

I’m taking a very unusual class this week. A theater class. Not exactly the kind of class you’d expect to take at business school. But it’s our January Week, a week in which we take one class intensely for five … Continue reading

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Second Year vs. First Year

 First year of business school is trial by fire. It is hard work and endurance. It is learning something new and potentially mind-blowing every day. It is drinking from a fire hydrant of information and figuring how much to take … Continue reading

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Cville Photo Wednesday: Debut!

Hi everyone, In the spirit of getting through the week, I wanted to introduce Cville Photo Wednesday. Each Wednesday I’ll post a new picture from somehwere around town (or Darden) to give you an idea of what it’s like to live … Continue reading

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The Myth of Second Year

I don’t have time to write this. As I write this, there are in fact at least 10 other things I should be doing instead. I know that because they scroll through my mind on a continuous loop, stressing me … Continue reading

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What every new b-school student should know

It dawned on me today — in the 5 minutes I lifted my head out of my intern haze — that at this time last year, I was preparing to move to Charlottesville. Which means, right this moment, about 300 … Continue reading

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Last day of classes: Are you a turkey or an eagle?

My first year of business school classes ended today. It felt a bit anticlimactic because I still have exams, papers and projects hanging over my head. Many of us first-years were talking about how fast the year had gone, but … Continue reading

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The emancipation of the lab rats

About a week into the fourth quarter of my b-school experience, it dawned on me. Darden had taken me off the wheel. For the first three quarters of the year, I was running like a lab rat on a wheel. … Continue reading

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If it were easy, everyone would do it

Before I came to b-school, one of my work colleagues asked me why I wanted to go. Business, he said, seemed like common sense. The goal is to make money. If you have a good idea and used common sense, … Continue reading

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How b-school warped my brain

Here’s something they don’t tell you in the b-school literature: An MBA education warps your mind. Six months ago I thought like a journalist. I thought in terms of ledes and sources and motivations and background. I thought about column … Continue reading

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