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Dubai: Largest, tallest, bestest

I just returned from a weeklong class in the United Arab Emirates where the theme is “superlatives.” The nation — or, more specifically its two richest emirates, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi — is rich with oil money and its sheikhs have … Continue reading

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What I learned at b-school: Week 11 & 12

It seems the time delay in your free business education might be permanent – at least until I get through the hell that is cover letter writing and interview prepping season. But better late than never! Here’s a rundown of … Continue reading

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How you know you’re a poor grad student

 You see two quarters lying on the ground outside Old Navy (where you’re going to buy discount khaki pants because you don’t have enough money for Gap khakis) and your first thought, as you swoop down on them, is, “That’s … Continue reading

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What I learned at b-school: Week 9 … and 10

I’m running a little behind on my weekly lessons. Blame Halloween. Blame an insanely hard finance case. Blame a networking/job hunting/interview prepping frenzy that is November. Just don’t blame me. I’m clearly having inventory management issues. Here you go, two … Continue reading

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