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Advice for MBA students who hate networking

And for any b-school student who’s wondering, yes, recruiting is WAY easier from this side. I hated networking events as a student. The whole mating ritual felt so fake. I ask questions and make nice and the recruiters answer questions … Continue reading

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The value of an MBA

There are a lot of measures of the value of an MBA and some people have been questioning if it‘s worth its salt recently. But the dollar value of my MBA hit home when I filed my taxes this week. I … Continue reading

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S&M in the workplace?

I ventured over to UVA’s undergraduate business school this week to hear Nina DiSesa speak, and since I don’t go to main grounds very often, you can bet it was for a good reason. DiSesa is a ad industry badass. … Continue reading

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What a difference a year makes

Life at Darden right now is smooth. We’ve just come off more than a month of break. Classes haven’t ramped up yet and our stress over them is minimal anyway, because, hey, it’s our last semester here. And many of … Continue reading

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Why I hate business speak (even though I’m getting an MBA)

I’ll admit it: I’m kind of a stickler about language. In my defense, you can’t spend 13 years thinking about, studying, playing with, manipulating, conjoling, pondering and absorbing words and not be a little obsessive about them. I love language, … Continue reading

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Action! Ready for my close up

No one told me one of the benefits of a b-school internship was an acting gig. But after less than two weeks on the job (if you didn’t already know where I was working, I bet you can guess now) … Continue reading

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Cross-country road trip adventure

I needed to get myself and my car from Charlottesville, Va., to Minneapolis, Minn., in time to start my summer internship this week. Somehow I conned my boyfriend into taking the 20-hour drive halfway across the country with me. I’d … Continue reading

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