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The power of ‘Slutty Halloween’

Apparently I’ve struck a chord. In the last 7 days, the search term that brought the most readers to my blog was “slutty Halloween.” The second most powerful term: “slutty Halloween girls.” The third: “slutty Halloween porn.” The fourth: “slutty … Continue reading

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Happy slutty Halloween!

 In a college town, Halloween is about slutty costumes. I feel safe in making that claim after spending four years in undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill, home of the biggest Halloween street party ever. On Halloween Chapel Hill’s Franklin Street is … Continue reading

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Dating at Darden: Valentine’s Day edition

Before I came to Darden, a friend of mine who was graduating warned me. “Don’t expect to meet a boyfriend at Darden,” she said. “All the good ones are taken and the rest of them are reliving their undergrad years.” … Continue reading

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What I learned at b-school: Week 3

Three weeks in and my brain is stuffed so full it feels like three months. Here’s a tray of sample-sized tidbits I learned this week. Google doesn’t like the word “domination” (but I’m pretty sure they’re taking over anyway). We … Continue reading

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Where are all the boys? In business school

I’ve never been in the minority before. I’m a white, middle-class girl. I’m used to being in the majority. I once applied for a reporting internship program at the St. Petersburg Times and was thrilled to get a call back … Continue reading

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