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I am Liz Lemon

My husband often compares me to Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. I think it’s partly because I tend to spill food on myself and partly because I don’t pay careful attention to those little personal details, like whether I’ve fully … Continue reading

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Don’t say I didn’t warn you

 File this under “good to know.” Apparently the rapture is coming May 21, 2011. This is according to this group of nutcases, er, faithful Christians who did a little math, adding 7,000 years to the day that Noah closed the door of his … Continue reading

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What I learned at b-school: Week 8

I’m back to the grind of classes, which means more free business school lessons for you. Here are the highlights from this week: Accounting is an art, not a science. Numbers? Ledgers? T-accounts and balance sheets? Accounting sounds like a … Continue reading

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Turning away from my Dark Side

 Here’s what they don’t tell you about the first week of business school: You need to decide right then what you want to do for the rest of your life, forever and ever, amen. At least, that’s what it feels … Continue reading

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Everybody’s good at something (but I’m glad I’m not good at everything)

I’ve spent much of my time at business school feeling stupid. And, if not stupid, certainly inexperienced and behind the curve. I almost never tease out the right answer in accounting, marketing or operations – there’s always some factor I … Continue reading

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Who’s stupid now?

We’ve only been in class for two days. Two days. Already it feels like two months. Why, you ask? Isn’t grad school a holding pen for slackers who couldn’t keep a job in the real world? A two-year vacation? Not … Continue reading

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