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Last chance, baby: The Baby Bucket List

I’m 26 weeks pregnant — which means I only have 14 weeks until my life is radically, permanently changed. I’m excited to meet the wee chick who’s been turning somersaults behind my belly button. But I also feel like there’s … Continue reading

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What I learned at b-school: Week 11 & 12

It seems the time delay in your free business education might be permanent – at least until I get through the hell that is cover letter writing and interview prepping season. But better late than never! Here’s a rundown of … Continue reading

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Happy Type-A Halloween

It seems Darden students can’t do anything halfway. I’ve written before about the outsized number of Type-A personalities in b-school. Usually that high-achieving, uber-competitive side comes out in the classroom, the job hunt or in fights with our significant others. … Continue reading

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Scare yourself silly

I’ve done a lot of scary things in my life. I’ve jumped out of a plane. I’ve roamed some of the most dangerous streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I’ve spent two months traveling alone in Australia. I’ve been inside a pen … Continue reading

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Warning: Type A personalities ahead

We make a lot of jokes in b-school about Type A personalities. That’s because b-school is like a support group for Type A personalities. We know we have a little Tracy Flick in all of us, and b-school is a … Continue reading

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