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No snow!

When you move to the frozen tundra (aka Minnesota) you expect snow. Lots and lots of snow. Drifts of snow that freeze into drifts of ice. Snow that starts on Halloween and doesn’t melt until after Cinco de Mayo. Serious … Continue reading

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White Christmas!

Mother Nature got it in just under the wire. Snow started falling at my Christmas location at 9 p.m. last night, so it was an official White Christmas. And this morning I woke up to 6 inches of white fluffy … Continue reading

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Cville Photo Wednesday: It’s fall. Kind of

The calendar says it’s late fall, almost winter in fact. But the temperatures in Charlottesville lately tell a different story. With highs of 70 degrees last week, you might think it’s September — if not for the red, yellow and orange … Continue reading

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Foxfield, tulips and spring in Charlottesville

If you’re one of my 2.5 faithful readers, then you’ve noticed that I geek out over seasons. Five years of living in the mono-environment that is South Florida have made me freak out at the sight of fall leaves, snow … Continue reading

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FALLing in love

I’m falling in love. With Fall. It’s not a new love affair but rather a rekindled old flame. I ended things five years ago when I moved south to West Palm Beach, where the temperature never dips below 70 degrees. … Continue reading

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