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Why I hate business speak (even though I’m getting an MBA)

I’ll admit it: I’m kind of a stickler about language. In my defense, you can’t spend 13 years thinking about, studying, playing with, manipulating, conjoling, pondering and absorbing words and not be a little obsessive about them. I love language, … Continue reading

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What every new b-school student should know

It dawned on me today — in the 5 minutes I lifted my head out of my intern haze — that at this time last year, I was preparing to move to Charlottesville. Which means, right this moment, about 300 … Continue reading

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B-school summer reading

I had no time for recreational reading during First Year. I was lucky if I could snatch a few paragraphs of a NY Times story once a week. Novels? Forget about ’em. So this summer it’s been a joy to … Continue reading

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A few of my favorite things

Since I haven’t been writing much this summer (blame work, blame summer weather, blame laziness), I thought I’d do my readers a favor and offer them a few of my favorite writers to fill the gap. Women Having It All … Continue reading

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